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General Lionel Model Train Discussion / Re: Polar express mountain
« Last post by djacobsen on Today at 08:09:09 am »
Biker 1950
Hello & Welcome to the Forum.

General rule that I have encountered is 4% grade with traction tires, 2% without.
Some of the more robust locomotives, heislers, climax, etc, built as logging and mining locomotives may be able to climb a higher grade 6 - 8%.

Happy Rails!
Well, in case anyone has these cars or ones like them, the windows are part of the roof. They have little wedges molded in, 2 per side, one front, one rear, that lock into a window frame. All you have to do is gently push those in on both sides (start on one end, then go to the other) and gently lift off the roof. Near impossible to figure out. BUT-i did fit an old postwar whistle inside that fits. Bought another car like it to have a non molested one to go with the set but it does now have a whistle with the ever so hi tech sound of steam.
General Lionel Model Train Discussion / Polar express mountain
« Last post by biker1950 on December 15, 2017, 01:34:41 pm »
New person just starting to get into model trains been running just large oval around Christmas tree for about 6 years,. now want to expand think about building the mountain you see in some polar express layouts were train go up it. is there a good rule of thumb on amount of track verse height.   and staying with 036 curve
Lionel Maintenance & Repair / Re: 2035 issue
« Last post by TrainLarry on December 14, 2017, 07:04:49 pm »
On the older transformers, when you press the whistle button, there is a momentary loss of power as the contacts physically break and then make electrical contact in a different configuration. It is this momentary loss of power that causes the 'E'-unit to cycle.

Pressing the whistle button slowly make cycle the 'E'-unit; pressing it faster may not cycle it, but the whistle may not blow.

Lionel Maintenance & Repair / Re: 2035 issue
« Last post by 70gtvert on December 14, 2017, 04:15:43 pm »
That still does not answer why, at times, when I use my whistle function, the e unit will cycle too. There is no specific piece of track it happens on, it just happens here or there randomly. Any idea what causes the e unit to cycle then? Yes, the whistle does function when this happens.
Lionel Maintenance & Repair / Re: 2035 issue
« Last post by TrainLarry on December 14, 2017, 03:32:30 pm »
'E'-units will not cycle by themselves. There has to be an interruption of power.
When traversing the switches slowly, there is a slight interruption of power to cycle the 'E'-unit.

Poor connections between track sections will also cause a loss of power, cycling the loco also.

The slow train speed will cause the loco to cycle, whereas faster speeds get the loco across the problem sections faster, with no cycling of the 'E'-unit.

The newer electronic reverse units may need a slightly longer power interruption before they cycle; hence the run without issue on the same track.

Lionel Maintenance & Repair / Re: 2035 issue
« Last post by 70gtvert on December 14, 2017, 11:27:05 am »
Larry, locking the e-unit is not a "fix" for this problem as the e-unit was/is a design function for these trains. If there was an "interruption of power" it would not elect what vintage the engine was to interrupt yet we both have this issue with the vintage engines, not, in my case, with the more modern engines even thought they have the same pickups as the older version. Yes, I bandage the problem by doing what you suggest but again, it is a bandage that does not allow use of the full features the engine offers. I've had this happen when using my whistle at times too on these older engines. It almost seems like something happens to the current at some of these track junctions or use of electrical functions which fakes the early (or perhaps more worn) e unit into thinking there was a power interruption.
O Scale / Re: Engine whistle
« Last post by tfcii on December 14, 2017, 06:03:12 am »
Sorry to hear about your wife.  Best wishes to you.
O Scale / Re: Engine whistle
« Last post by John H. on December 13, 2017, 09:11:48 pm »
Larry and tfcii,

I will unlock the reverse unit and try hitting the whistle button faster and see if that helps.
Also, I joined the Lionel Collector's Club but have not been very active in it yet.  My wife has Alzheimer's so a lot of my time is taken up caring for her.  The model trains are a good diversion.

John H.
Lionel Maintenance & Repair / Re: 2035 issue
« Last post by TrainLarry on December 13, 2017, 06:27:30 pm »
The 'E' unit needs to be locked in forward and your problem will go away. It is natural for the 'E'-unit to cycle on an interruption of power; even a slight interruption.

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