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Cub scouts and smoky mountains
« on: September 19, 2022, 09:08:24 pm »
The biggest link between the cub scouts the smoky mountains which is a park and a resort, is the backpacking tours in the area.  I remember I needed to go on one of those backpacking tours to develop properly.  The merit badge for the boy scouts is 20 days straight hiking.  Yup.  There's a kayaking badge too. 

The main city is Sieverville, TN.  The main road is Forks of the River Parkway.  There is a statue of Dolly Parton at the corner of Forks of the River Parkway and Main Street.  The entertainment is mostly south along this street although there is also a water park on Pittman Center. 

There are a lot of places to stay.  One stands out.  Moose Lake Lodge.

I found the hyperlink

Years ago I stayed close to Natural Bridge State Park, but on the Kentucky side, because it is supposed to be in Virginia.

This, though, looks interesting.

Children's Discovery Area
An outdoor experiential area for families to have fun enjoying nature, the Children's Discovery Area has two components at this time: the Kids in Parks Track Trail and the soon to be certified Nature Explore Outdoor Classroom. The Track Trail offers the chance to visit the site with a choice of four self-guided brochures. The brochures teach about pollinators, birds of the Blue Ridge, animals that may be seen in the park and how nature can hide and seek. The outdoor classroom is a play space using natural features to engage children and immerse them in an outdoor environment of creative play. Remember when as a child you would play games in the woods in your neighborhood or explore wild adventures in a woodlot near you? This is exactly the same sort of experience, so come and plan to get dirty and have fun. Sponsored by a generous grant from Dominion Power, The Freedom Food Festival and the Friends of Natural Bridge State Park, this site provides some of the most stunning views in the park. So after you have seen the Natural Bridge take the time to enjoy being a kid again.

It looks appropriate for very small children.
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