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Lionel Maintenance & Repair / Quicksilver Express A Unit Runs Backwards
« on: August 15, 2021, 07:14:06 pm »
I have a Quicksilver Express 8268 Diesel A (powered) unit that will not run forward. It would run reversibly forward and backwards when I first got it but now will only run backwards.

There doesn't appear to be a directional switch that I can find. The circuit board has an ID # of 00-0103-00. There don't appear to be any broken connections or obvious damage to any of the components on the board. I have checked the connections and all appear to be intact. Not sure what might have caused the problem unless a component on the board has failed.  Photo of circuit board attached.

Any ideas on how to remedy the situation ?  It would be fine if it only ran forward.


Thanks.  That's what I thought. I will give it a try.

Power & Control / How to isolate inner and out loops with KW transformer
« on: January 05, 2021, 02:23:17 pm »
I have a simple 027 layout that has an inner loop and an outer loop linked by two switches from the outer loop to two switches on the inner loop.  I can run one train thru both loops via the switches or run two trains (one inner, one outer) thru the A terminal of my KW transformer. It's a problem, since one goes faster than the other and will run off the track while the other (outer) is barely moving. Right now both loops are powered off the same terminal/control lever.

So here's the question -

I would like to run the inner loop and outer loop separately using the two separate controls on the KW 190W transformer. If I put fiber pins in the center rail of the "outer loop side" of the switches that allow entry into the inner loop, then wire the inner loop to the B terminal (outer loop on A) will I be able to control each loop separately ?


Lionel Maintenance & Repair / Re: 027 - 1121 remote switches
« on: August 24, 2020, 04:20:13 pm »
Thanks for the info. However it doesn't appear to be a wiring problem in the switch. I bought another switch of a different model and swapped it out. The "new" switch does the same thing, it is always energized. The other 1122 is installed in the same track and operates normally.

I moved the problem switch (LH) to another part of the layout and it does the same thing - always energized even without control wires attached.

Could there be some sort of polarity problem with my power wiring ?  I tried reversing the variable power connections on the transformer with no change. Checked the wiring to the tracks and all are consistent (center vs outside rail soldered connections). Why would 2 switches always be energized and one work perfectly normally ?

Since they are riveted together, I'd rather not have to break into them, especially if it is not an internal conection problem to begin with.


Lionel Maintenance & Repair / 027 - 1121 remote switches
« on: May 05, 2020, 11:55:41 pm »
I recently bought two 027 1121 remote switches. The RH switch seems to be always energized when track power is on.  The LH switch operates as expected.  It doesn't matter if the switch controller is hooked up or not. It sometimes goes off when the track is wiggled. If I can get it to de-energize, with the switch set to straight, when I run a train over it, the switch moves just enough to derail the loco coming from either the straight or curved track of the switch. It seems to move just when the loco crosses from the regualr track section to the switch.  I know that this switch is supposed to have a non-derail function, but I have not set that up as shown in the manual. I do have fiber pins in the rails as shown, but it makes no difference if I use fiber or steel pins.  Anybody have experience with this kind of problem ?  thanks

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