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Anyone else have problems with the CW80 transformer?

I purchased a ready to run Lionel set 3 years ago that included a CW-80 transformer.  The transformer performed well with this set when using it to control this set.

This year I decided to upgrade to a Universal LC\LC + Remote Controller and Berkshire locomotive with Lion Chief 2.0+.

I noticed that the remote uncoupler did not work with the CW-80 transformer connected to the track and the remote controller.

I contacted America's Best Train in Itasca Illinois where I bought everything, who told me that the CW-80 transformers were notoriously bad and usually did not provide the 18 volts as stated.  I checked the output at the transformer with the throttle control up all the way.  It only produced 16.4 volts.

I brought the locomotive to America's Best Train and on their track with a different transformer and the uncoupler worked perfect.

They said Lionel has reworked and improved the CW-80 to correct the issues.

I think Lionel should offer some support (maybe a discounted price) to owners of the defective CW-80 towards the purchase of a new CW-80 or a different transformer.

Maybe if CW-80 owners with this or other problems get together, Lionel may be more receptive to us

I have the above controller that I bought in 2016 and use every Christmas season to operate a milk car and log car.

Each year when I set the layout up the unloading button works very erratically.  I have taken it in to my local Lionel dealer and when he takes the controller apart it looks like the contacts on the unloading side look like they are scorched.  Using Emory cloth or a small wire wheel cleans the contacts up for a season but wondering what is going on with the contacts.

I don't push the unload button for an excessive time and don't use the unloading feature that much.

It's very frustrating to have to take this in for service every year and previously I had a couple of 027 operating tracks that never needed this service.

Any ideas?

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