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Saying hello
« on: January 19, 2019, 05:20:18 pm »
Good evening.
This is my first post to the Lionel forums.  I'm relatively new to the hobby.  About two years ago, I purchased a Polar Express LionelChief set for my daughters first Christmas.  This year, I expanded it quite a bit, and I'm beginning to run into issues.  I only have two accessories (Polar Express Train Station and the Polar Express Platform), so I don't believe the power requirements are too much for the wall transformer, but I believe the FastTrack connections may be unreliable.  I have 48 pieces of track, including 4 manual switches, forming two loops that connect at the switch points.  The train frequently stalls on the switches if it's not at an adequate speed.  The three included passenger cars do not always light up at the same time, and frequently flicker.

I've seen some YouTube videos regarding solving this problem.  One of them recommended making small jumpers out of 16 or 18 gauge wire, connecting each section of track underneath.  That means making 96 jumpers, and soldering them between each track.  Okay, lots of work, but if it solves it, great.  The only problem is that it makes it sort of permanent.

I've seen other videos and discussions regarding bus lines  How necessary is this? What value does it add to a small setup like mine?   Currently I only have the wall transformer that comes with the set.   I know I can go up to a more traditional transformer, and just set it at 18V, and I can run my train using the remote.

Thanks for any advice you can provide. 

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