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Hello, im new to the forum.  Let me know if this the wrong place to share this!  I run a mixture of postwar and modern-era Lionel trains.  I look forward to learning from the community.  I have been trying to make videos of items on my railroad to document my collection.  Enjoy, feedback welcome. Thanks .  charlie

Postwar Lionel 665 Santa Fe Hudson / Sharpnack LTD:

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Welcome to the forum!
Thank you for sharing the video of your layout. You may be new to this forum, but you are certainly not new to building a very scenic layout. Your layout looks like a small portion of the many highly detailed club layouts I have visited over the years.

Some hobbyists like to keep their trains in a simple setting, and others like yourself like to make your trains operate in a more detailed setting. You have accomplished that nicely.

Keep up the good work.



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