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Author Topic: How do I remove the truck held in place by a rivet?  (Read 93 times)


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How do I remove the truck held in place by a rivet?
« on: June 16, 2017, 10:14:45 pm »
How do I remove/replace the rivet so as to tighten up the floppiness of the truck of my Minards flatcar?   I'd like to replace the washer with a thicker one.  Or can I just wail on the rivet with a hammer and a nail punch to make the connection tighter like Tim the Toolman Taylor with a hammer drill.

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Normally, you would drill out the rivet, then replace it with a slightly longer one if you were going to place a washer between the truck and frame.
You can tighten up the rivet by tapping very lightly or if you have a press, using that. 
Be careful not to make the rivet too tight, it will bind the trucks' movement.
(learned the hard way)
If rivets are not available, I have used small nuts and bolts to attach trucks to frames, using a dab of loctite on the nut.

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