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General Lionel Model Train Discussion / Re: parts needed
« on: Today at 07:16:11 am »
My suggestion is to contact forum member Bill Hennings/Hennings Trains.
215 362 2442

Happy Rails...

Hello & Welcome to the Forum!
Those Lionel LS GP's still show up on folks' layout's..
I haven't encountered one myself, but am aware of fellow hobbyist's who run them.
Here's a link for playing the hunt for a lionel wiring diagram game...
Good Luck...
You might try the Large Scale Central Forum for help, there are members there who do operate those GP's..



It is/will be Your Layout.  I only offer information based upon experience, my own and other Large scale & O scale enthusiests who run trains outdoors. 

Your choice to run indoor track, outdoors, IMHO, is a mistake and you will be replacing it with track made to be used outdoors. You need to consider UV Stability & corrosion of the track & connections, regardless whether you live in Las Vegas or Death Valley, unless you plan on taking the track up and putting it back out every time you chose to run your train.

But in the end it will be your layout and whatever you choose to do, is what it's about in the long run.

Happy Rails!

Hello & Welcome to the Forum!

I am not quite certain of your "Garden Train" plans.  Are you speaking of running O Scale or Large Scale outdoors?
If you are considering Outdoor O, your track should be your first concern.  The normal tin track used for O scale is not adequate and will quickly become rusted junk. You will need to purchase stainless steel or brass track with UV resistant ties.
 Power? as much as you can afford to purchase.
Feeder lines? take a voltage tester, go around the track and look for voltage drop, that's where you'll need a feeder.

O Scale in the Garden is quite common in England/Great Britan, you might want to look up Brit sites to check out what done over the pond, if you plan on Outdoor O.

If you are going large scale, all the same applies...

Happy Rails!

Judaun Prichard
Hello & Welcome to the Forum!

Yes, a list of what you have for sale, condition, asking prices & photo's would be helpful.

Happy Rails!

Beginners Q & A / Re: Pennsylvania K4 6-28025 upgrades?
« on: August 23, 2020, 07:01:03 am »
Hello & Welcome to the Forum!
Sound system upgrades are available, you just have to decide whose module to use.
Friend of mine who uses sound has suggested Dallee Electronics:
Here is a group of links for sound modules:

Hope this helps...

Happy Rails!

Here's a link to answer your question.

Happy Rails...

I don't know if you are on Facebook, but there are several O Gauge/Scale sales groups there.
You might try Mercari, l have sold both O & G scale trains there.
IF all else fails, the Evil Bayou hunt....

Happy Rails!

looked through rolling stock, l must have already sold them. sorry.

Hello & Welcome to the Forum.

l will have to dig through boxes, but l believe l have the cars you are looking for.
l will try to get into the storage area tomorrow and see what l can find.

Happy Rails...

Layout Design Forum / Re: Newbie Layout Help?
« on: June 19, 2020, 06:12:06 am »
Hello & Welcome to the Forum!
Train Larry gave you good advice, the only thing l can add is to check out the SCARM Track Planning Software provided by Forum Member "Mixy".

Happy Rails!

Hello & Welcome to the Forum, Mike!
It's not often we encounter FineScale Trains and it's nice to see your pic's & video's.
l hope you'll keep us updated with your layout.
l like seeing your Large Scale Trains too, that's one we also have in common.

Happy Rails!


A note on the MPC era whisteling tenders.
It is wise to replace the insulating foam underneath the sound board in the tender.
Because of aging the foam will deteriorate and allow the board to short out on the frame.
This can be the cause of non working whisteling tenders.
I cut a piece from an egg carton top to replace the worn out foam in the one l had, it worked perfectly.

Happy Rails!

Hello & Welcome to the Forum!
Your MPC era Berkshire would have been paired with a Lionel 736W whisteling tender.
Earlier Berkshires were paired with a Lionel 2046W whisteling tender.
I imagine either would be just fine, unless you are a rivet counter.

As for replacement roadname, you will have better luck finding decals rather than silk screening.

Hope this helps.

Happy Rails!

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