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Info & Forum Support / Re: New to Model Trains
« on: December 22, 2020, 07:15:19 pm »
Hi Larry sorry for the delayed response, my wife, who is the ADON at a long term care facility & rehab center came down with covid so our concentration was on her health. Thanks to prayers she had a mild case and Iíve had no symptoms thus far. I have attached a video to show you of my simple train design with plug and play gateman that does not seem to work correctly. I have contacted Lionel still no response.  Keeps telling me file is too large. Iíve broke it down into (3) 30 second videos. This forum is pretty hard and basic to deal with. Would be happy to send to you via direct email.

Info & Forum Support / Re: New to Model Trains
« on: December 10, 2020, 08:10:53 pm »
Thanks for the response Larry. I have gone over the manual multiple times; even though the manual contradicts Lionel YouTube video; one saying the break in the insulated 5inch track goes opposite the lock on and the other saying it should be on the same side as the lock on. Either way tried both and produced same result. When I plug in track gateman comes out, train on other side of track not moving, for about 5 seconds retreats never to be seen again until I unplug and plug back in. I mean itís a jack that only goes in one way. I even returned it for a new one thinking it was a production error, same thing with replacement. I would show video if forum would let me.

Info & Forum Support / New to Model Trains
« on: December 10, 2020, 05:08:21 pm »
Hi so I bought a small ready to run set with a couple accessories. The polar express gateman I have hooked to an accessory lock with the insulated rail. My gateman comes out when I first power up the track for like 5 seconds and then returns in. My train has never moved. I go over the track with the train and the gateman never comes out. Is this because I donít have a basic oval track? Does my left and right curves mess something up with the power? It works fine with the accessory remote. I plug that in and push down the gateman comes in and out just fine. Any help would be great!! I would send a picture but it keeps telling me upload folder full even on the smallest 83kb photo.

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