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Title: Running my Lionel OO
Post by: Mike T on June 09, 2020, 10:54:33 pm
I have been picking up some Lionel OO off some online sources other than ebay and have gotten one of my 2 Hudsons set up for 3 rail operation since you cannot get turnouts unless you go the On30 track route.  I wanted the vintage look and feel, but had a pair of 2 rail Hudsons(003 full scale and 004 semi scale w/whistle).  The 003 was a mess and missing a motor, so I picked up a wreck of a 002 three rail Hudson and used its parts to make the 003 run again but has a 3 rail model.  I do still need to swap out the insulated drivers, but I am not using the non derailing feature of my turnouts, so she runs good enough for now.  Its a non whistle version so, no need for a tender roller.  I still have my 004/004w with full semi scale train and a loop of 2 rail Lionel track that I will probably sell or trade for a 001 Hudson with 001w whistle tender.    Anyhow, here is a link to my small OO layout running.  Its still a work in progress with more buildings to come and probably a loss of the green grass soon.   Mike the Aspie